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Since its inception in 2008, Holool Aloula has been working in the business services industry to offload businesses from non-core functions in order for them to focus on the main areas. This allows our clients to increase their efficiency, reduce their unnecessary cost, and focus on the main goals. We believe that quality of services and continuous process development are the main strengths we have that enable us to penetrate the market and win customer satisfaction across all government and business market segment.

Holool Aloula introduced multiple initiatives in the last few years to promote Saudization and localize jobs for Saudi youth. We also participate in the government efforts in creating the teleworking environment to enable Saudis in general and Female specially to work from home whether from rural or urban areas. This is part of our vision to create new markets and lead the region to innovation and creativity. Our team is our backbone, so we choose a passionate, remarkable ad skilled people who drive the company to achieve its goals and create a richly dynamic workplace. We still have a long journey, an enjoyable journey with our team, clients and partners. We have the talent and experience to take on the most challenging, mission-critical assignments and serve as a provider of business services in the region.


Why Holool Aloula ?

  1. We are commercially driven and focus on excellence with impact; we think, build and create.
  2. We interact with our clients in a way that builds loyalty.
  3. We provide integrated creative methods and superb output for our clients.
  4. Want the proper BPO solutions, specialized consulting and training and dedicated inbound and outbound services? Holool Aloula gives you the choices you need to succeed.
  5. We are a team of remarkable, passionate and skilled people who revolutionize technology and strive to create a richly dynamic workplace.
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