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Holool Aloula specializes in the design, development and deployment of enterprise applications, security services and other multi-technology, hardware and software products. 
In the past decade, our company has delivered innovative various products and mobile technology solutions for more than 100 companies around the kingdom. 
Holool Aloula works with a worldwide network of distributors and system integrators to offer complete and innovative solutions for a variety of applications such as information security testing, consultations, internal and external web portals and enterprise resource planning. 


 Enterprise solutions

We have a wide scale of enterprise solutions as follows: 
A. BI (Business Intelligence) 
Offering solutions by implementing dashboards for supporting decision support processes. Holool Aloula offered its innovative solutions in the BI domain for multi industries such as: 
     1. Financial 
     2. Education 
     3. Healthcare 
B. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) 
Holool Aloula offered its specialized solutions in ERP for multiple sectors in order to enhance their internal processes in the which was launched in 2015 and consisted of Finance  Module, Procurement, Human Resource and Enterprise Project Management Module. 
C. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) 
Covering relationships between clients, suppliers and management team in addition to the billing and invoicing solutions. 
D. Internal and External Web Portals 
Organizations now tend to have presence on the internet and provide its services through a solid web portal. In addition, they provide services to their internal team through a  private web portal (internal portal). We offer a solid solution for internal and external web portals using our expert team. 

 Security Solutions

We have a wide range of security software, hardware and professional services for large and small entities. We have partnership with the best security solutions in the world such as: 
          a) Cisco 
          b) Dell Sonicwall
          c) Fortinet
          d) PaloAlto
          e) FireEye

     This is in addition to the security services such as network healthcheck and penetration testing and vulnerability assessment. 

 Technology Managed Services

Through offering consultations and outsourcing for IT experts and managing customer functions. 

 Program Management Office

Our program management experts at Holool Aloula identify our clients' strategic options and configure complex programs from integrated projects. We have the experience to deliver a course of action that manages risk, time, cost and quality; the leadership to maintain complete control and transparency across the process; and the passion and enthusiasm to drive value at every turn. 
Regardless of the scale or complexity of a project, we employ and refine our systems and processes to provide control, governance and transparency from inception to completion.At the point of every decision we make on behalf of our clients, we challenge the status quo and work diligently to find the smartest, most efficient and most cost effective solution. 


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